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Latin Percussionist Great Luis Conte answers 10 Questions Plus with percussionists from the University of North Texas! A special feature is a discussi...

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Latin Percussionist Great Luis Conte answers 10 Questions Plus with percussionists from the University of North Texas! A special feature is a discussion with Luis and drum set artist Chester Thompson about their many tours together with Phil Collins. Percussive Arts Society Executive Director, Joshua Simonds, speaks about PASIC20 . UNT Percussion Coordinator Mark Ford hosted the session.

UNT Percussion Zoom Clinic Series
10 Questions Plus with Luis Conte
Tuesday October 6, 2020, 7pm CST

Joshua Simonds (PAS Executive Director) | 0:13

1. Logan Austin - Freshman, Austin, TX | 4:33
Do you think that starting off on guitar has caused you to perceive music in a slightly different way than most percussionists? Do feel that you typically have a more melodic approach when playing as opposed to thinking mainly rhythmically? 

2. Amanda Millen - Senior, Prosper, TX| 7:03
How did you approach combining Latin Percussion instruments into pop music? Was anyone apprehensive about adding new sounds and textures?

3. Graham Viegut - Freshman | 11:49
When playing with a drum set player, what characteristics do you love to see from them to help produce the best music possible together? What do you feel is the key to developing a strong musical relationship between a drummer and a percussionist?

4. Sophia Suante - Junior, Mesquite, TX | 20:39
What is your personal approach to technique? Some professional Congueros find themselves getting injured by playing too loud or the “traditional” way creates some injuries in the hands or arms. How did you adapt the techniques you learned in Cuba with the mix of the “modern” techniques you adapted over the years to avoid injury while making great sounds?

Chester Thompson! | 30:35

5. Brandon Waters | 30:59
I’ve watched amazing videos and recordings of you playing with Phil Collins and Chester Thompson. How did you come to work with Collins and Thompson and what was it like getting to work with them?

6. Kohei Sakai - Mason, OH| 52:10
How do you balance being "authentic" with rhythms/styles from their origins with more commercialized adaptations?

7. Robert Chapman - Masters, Austin, TX | 57:35
You've played with so many different artists from different styles - have you ever found it challenging to hold on to your musical "roots" as it were, and if so, how did you overcome that?

8. Webb Sheely - Senior, Columbia, MO | 1:06:35
Could you talk about your time spent with Andy Narell and how playing hand drums in a steel band has influenced your overall drumming style?

9. Indigo Machado - Freshman | 1:14:14
In one of your interviews, you said that "Music is almost like food to Cuban people.”  What is it that makes music so central to Cuban life, and how might it be different to how we think about music in the United States?

10. William O’Rourke - Senior | 1:21:22
What are lessons you have learned during your career? What's one thing you wish you would've known when you started?
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