3/8 Microsoft Licensing: Microsoft 365 and Azure Cloud [Training]

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Microsoft Cloud licensing training: ► Microsoft 365 ► Office 365 ► Azure ► Hosting at someone else's data centre 00:00 Who we are, training calendar, ...

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Microsoft Cloud licensing training:
► Microsoft 365
► Office 365
► Azure
► Hosting at someone else's data centre

00:00 Who we are, training calendar, test/exam information
15:46 The training STARTS here
17:41 How to license and buy Microsoft Azure
24:30 Modern Microsoft sales lingo you need to know
30:57 Differences in Azure depending on how you buy it
38:10 Cost management tools included in Azure
44:20 Tips on why and how to control your Azure subscription
48:55 Cost reduction tools available in Azure

54:38 WINDOWS SERVER licensing in Azure
58:26 How Azure Reserved Instances work and reduce cost
1:05:42 How Azure Hybrid Benefit works for Windows Server
1:08:38 How to calculate licensing requirements for Windows Server

1:14:19 SQL SERVER licensing and Azure Hybrid Benefit
1:16:21 How to calculate licensing requirements for SQL Server
1:20:10 SQL DATABASE licensing, Reserved Capacity
1:22:19 How to calculate licensing requirements for SQL Database

1:23:43 Remote Desktop CALs, RDS CAL in Azure
1:26:38 Bring Your Own Licenses, License Mobility

1:29:42 Microsoft 365, Office 365, Dynamics 365 licensing
1:34:31 Critical differences in Windows 11 licensing per channel
1:37:20 Two ways to reduce the cost of Office 365 migration
1:41:51 Microsoft 365 explained from the licensing point of view
1:45:25 Microsoft 365 Unified - new discounted license
1:48:49 Microsoft 365 From SA and Office Professional Plus rights
1:51:19 Project and Visio Online, installation rights
1:53:01 Tenant-wide licenses - compliance and risk

1:57:30 Dynamics 365 licensing overview
2:09:45 Power BI licensing overview
2:13:00 Financial planning and managing cost of Microsoft Online Services
2:22:32 Compliance mistakes in Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365

Spread the word! Free online Microsoft License Management training course that is delivered via a video stream by experienced Microsoft Licensing and Negotiation Experts.

Training's page on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/events/microsoftlicensemanagementtrain6791592744398671872/

Each of the 8 fortnightly live sessions will start at 2:00 PM London (9:00 AM New York, 7:30 PM Delhi) and run for approximately 2-3 hours.

After attending all 8 sessions, you will be given an opportunity to pass an exam and earn a diploma and a digital badge to add to your LinkedIn profile.

We cover core licensing principles, common mistakes, contracts, renewals, negotiations, audits.

The core aim of this course is to explain the principles of Microsoft Licensing, to give you a foundation, a playbook of Microsoft License Management, after which you'll be able to comfortably navigate one of the most complex licensing models, and progress in a career of a License Manager, Vendor Manager, Procurement Specialist.

Watch past sessions:

► Microsoft Licensing Basics, Models, Fundamentals
► Microsoft multi-year agreements explained: Enterprise Agreement, MCA (CSP), MPSA, OVS

Next sessions (little adjustments may be made depending on your feedback):

► Microsoft Desktop licensing (laptops etc.): on-premise, work from home, BYOD
► Microsoft Datacentre licensing (servers): on-premise, outsourced, Azure
► Microsoft Audit Readiness measures and Audit Defence: a survival guide
► Microsoft Negotiations: Vendor Management playbook
► Microsoft tools for Development and Test (MSDN): licensing explained

To be invited to the exam, you must register here: https://microsoft-license-management-2021.eventbrite.co.uk/?aff=youtube
or send me your details in a DM here: https://linkedin.com/in/golev

Registration is only required to be eligible to attend the final exam and get a chance to receive a digital badge and a diploma.

Training is broadcast to YouTube for free.

Recordings will be kept public so you can watch them on-demand at your convenience.


► Looking for a Microsoft Licensing Expert? Please find us here: https://samexpert.com/


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