Mafia: Definitive Edition | Gameplay Walkthrough#15 - You Lucky Bastard | Difficulty: Classic

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In 1930, during the ongoing Great Depression, impoverished taxi driver Thomas "Tommy" Angelo is strong-armed by two members of the Salieri c...

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In 1930, during the ongoing Great Depression, impoverished taxi driver Thomas "Tommy" Angelo is strong-armed by two members of the Salieri crime family - Paulie Lombardo and Sam Trapani - into helping them escape an ambush by the Morello family. Although he is compensated for his help, Tommy loses his job and cab the following day when the Morello family target him in an act of revenge. Asking for Don Ennio Salieri's help, Tommy gets retribution upon his attackers, before agreeing to join Salieri's organisation. Assisting with the operations of Salieri's rackets, overseen by his consigliere Frank Colletti, he befriends both Sam and Paulie during the jobs they perform, while earning Salieri's respect for thwarting attempts by the Morello family to interfere in his business.

In 1932, Tommy begins a relationship with Sarah Marino, the daughter of Salieri's bartender, after protecting her from street gangsters. In retaliation, under Salieri's order, Tommy and Paulie hit back against the gang, but learn after the job that the gang's leader, whom Paulie kills, was the son of corrupt councillor Roberto Ghillotti. While assisting on a hit against a witness to the murder, Tommy is ordered to destroy a brothel for switching its loyalties to Morello, and killing an informant working there. However, Sam advises Tommy not to kill them, and Tommy chooses to let them go in exchange for their silence, and covering up his actions. In 1933, Morello begins using corrupt police officers to ambush Salieri's operations, and gains support from Ghillotti, who desires revenge for his son's murder. When Frank disappears with the organisation's account books, Tommy discovers him preparing to leave the country with his family, after making a deal with the FBI for protection. Learning Morello threatened his family, Tommy allows Frank to leave in exchange for the books, covering up his actions once again.

In 1935, with prohibition ending, both Mafia families begin moving out into new rackets, while Tommy begins a family with Sarah after marrying her. Upon learning that Salieri is making moves to gain control over law enforcement, Morello attempts to assassinate him. Surviving the hit with Tommy's help, Salieri retaliates by declaring open war on his rival. To weaken Morello's position, the Salieri family target his operations, with Tommy assassinating Ghillotti, to reduce Morello's control on law enforcement and city politics, and Morello's brother, to reduce his control on the port unions. The war eventually concludes when Tommy, Sam, and Paulie assassinate Morello himself when he attempts to flee the city by plane. By 1938, the Salieri family takes full control of the city's rackets, neutralizing anyone who attempts to stop them. When Tommy agrees to recover a consignment of diamonds hidden within a shipment of impounded cigars, he quickly becomes disillusioned with Salieri's path upon finding drugs instead.

Against Sam's advice, Tommy convinces Paulie to go ahead with a bank robbery he had been planning. Although the job is a success, Tommy finds Paulie dead in his apartment the following day and the stolen money missing. Upon meeting with Sam to discuss the matter, he quickly learns that Salieri ordered him to kill both men for going behind his back, and that Frank and his family were killed by Salieri's men after Tommy's past cover-ups were exposed. Surviving the attempt on his life, Tommy executes Sam after he taunts him about his hesitance to kill people. With his former allies against him, Tommy goes into hiding and contacts Detective Norman for help. After relaying his story, Tommy offers to testify against the Salieri family in exchange for protection for his family. Norman agrees to the request, out of respect for being a family man himself. The resulting investigation and mob trials lead to most of the Salieri family, including Don Salieri, being convicted and sentenced.

After executing an eight-year sentence, Tommy is reunited with his family and they are placed under witness protection and relocated to Empire Bay. Tommy lives a peaceful life with his family until 1951, when two men approach and shoot him on Salieri's behalf, leaving him to die in his front yard. Tommy accepts his fate and succumbs to his wounds while surrounded by his family, whom he assures they are now safe. The game ends with Tommy's speech about family that he held at his eldest daughter's wedding, claiming that while everything in life comes and goes, family is forever.



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