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#MarlinsTest #EnglishTest #CBT
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With the increasing regulations throughout the maritime industry, Marlins English testing has become a vital part of the employment process for international Officers and crew.
Viking is one of a few commercially run Marlins Approved Test Centres in the UK that is able to test individuals competency on their spoken English language ability, in line with the rigorous standards of Marlins.

ISF Marlins Test of Spoken English (TOSE)

The ISF Marlins Test Of Spoken English (TOSE) provides the oral assessor with a standardised interview format for assessing the speaking and listening skills of all ranks and nationality of seafarers. Used as a stand-alone product, it provides a thorough assessment of the seafarer’s ability to understand and speak English. Used in conjunction with the ISF Marlins computer test it provides the employer with a complete profile of the seafarer’s language proficiency.

Key Features of the ISF Marlins Test of Spoken English:

Provides the interviewer with a standardised interview protocol for assessing the speaking and listening skills of seafarers
Offers extensive guidelines and criteria on how to grade the seafarer’s speaking and listening abilities
Offers a standardised means of recording and interpreting test results Results can be used to support the outcome of the ISF Marlins Test
Providing a complete language profile for the employer
Results can be used to highlight specific skill areas which require training
Spoken English Assessment for Cruise Ship Staff (SPEACS)
The Marlins Spoken English Assessment for Cruiseship Staff (SPEACS) has been developed to help carry out effective assessment of the oral and aural skills of cruiseship staff in a one-to-one interview situation. The SPEACS can be used to identify the need for training and to assess progress during and / or after training.

Marlins recommend that the SPEACS is used in conjunction with the ISF Marlins Test to give a balanced profile of a seafarer’s language level and ability. This will ensure a secure and objective assessment of language level (from the computer test) complemented by a personal assessment of communication skills (from the SPEACS).

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