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Taxi Extreme Crazy Car Stunts - Car Game - Android Gameplay

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Taxi Extreme Crazy Car Stunts - Car Game - Android Gameplay. Like Our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pg/Gaming-Playground-Android-Games-10618...

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Taxi Extreme Crazy Car Stunts - Car Game - Android Gameplay.

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Extreme Crazy stunt car is a Taxi Service and Stunt Game.

In Extreme Crazy Stunts Car Game you can drive the stunt crazy taxi as a free drive and pick and drop the passengers. The Crazy stunt car game bases on a city in with it performs the taxi service to pick the different characters and drop them on the specified destination. The time duration in all levels will be 30 seconds when crazy taxi car pick any passenger otherwise you can drive, the car performs the stunts and also you can drift. A map is given on the screen which describes the position of the passenger and on the road, city traffic will include in the game level. Complete the levels and earn cash.


- Pick and Drop the Passengers
- Passengers will increase on the Levels
- Time Limits 30 Seconds
- 4 yellow crazy cars
- Free drive and Stunts
- Accidents will happen
- cars unlock on 5000$, 10000$ and 15000$
- You can unlock the cars in 2.99$
- 10 Levels
- Gardens and Day scene


- 4 Yellow Cars
- you can drive the car with Tilt, Steering, Buttons
- Increase the speed by pushing the Accelerate Button
- Slow Down the speed by pressing the break button

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