The Real Dragon on Earth - Chapter 2909

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Chapter 2909 “Charlie was right. Since he have made an appointment with Reggie to meet at Phoenix Mountain Cemetery, if anything goes wrong, Reggie wi...

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Chapter 2909

“Charlie was right. Since he have made an appointment with Reggie to meet at Phoenix Mountain Cemetery, if anything goes wrong, Reggie will immediately suspect that he betrayed him. If he wants to ask him to retaliate, he can’t do anything with him…”

Thinking of this, he thought again in his heart: “But, if I follow, in case Charlie can’t kill Reggie. Wouldn’t he want to bury Reggie with him?! Reggie's methods are so harsh just that. The natal Gu worm is extremely powerful. If Charlie’s strength is not good, then in the end both him and his grandson Mike will have to become food for that white worm…”

At this time, Old Grasp was constantly thinking about any possible situation and the corresponding results.

After thinking about it, he still felt that he had to believe in Charlie and hope that Charlie could kill Reggie.

The reason is also very simple. If Charlie kills Reggie, he still has a chance to survive; but if Charlie can’t kill Reggie, then he will definitely die.

Therefore, he could only bite the bullet and promised: “Okay Young Master Wade… I will go to Phoenix Mountain with you tonight.”

In the evening, Charlie sent Claire home, and ran out of the house on the excuse of something.

At the door of Tomson Yipin. Don Albert drove a taxi and parked on the side of the road. In front of the taxi at this time, the words stop operating were displayed.

Don Albert had been waiting here for a long time. Seeing Charlie coming out, he hurriedly got out of the car and said respectfully: “Young Master Charlie you are here.”

Charlie nodded, pointed to the taxi and asked him: “Is there nothing wrong with this car?”

Don Albert hurriedly said: “This is a standard operating taxi. The license plates and certificates are real don’t worry.”

Charlie said with satisfaction: “Okay Good job, give me the car key.”

Don Albert dared not delay, and hurriedly handed a key to Charlie’s hand and he said: “Young Master Charlie, if you need help please feel free to contact me.”

“Good.” Charlie nodded slightly, shaking the car key and said: “I’m leaving now.”

After speaking, he got into the cab of the taxi, started the car, and drove towards Shangri-La Palace Hotel.

When Charlie came to the front of Shangri-La, Old Grasp also walked out of the hotel lobby. When he walked to the door and saw Charlie driving the taxi, he waved to Charlie.

Charlie drove the car up to him, lowered the window and asked: “Are you going to take a taxi?”

“Yes!” Old Grasp nodded and said: “I’m going to Phoenix Mountain Cemetery.”

“Go to Phoenix Mountain?” Charlie pretended to be horrified: “Why do you want to go to such a place in the middle of the night? I can’t go, it’s too dangerous.”

Old Grasp hurriedly said: “Brother, I have something to go to Phoenix Mountain. If you feel unlucky, can I add money to you?”

Hearing this, Charlie rolled his eyes and asked: “Add money? How much can you add?”

Old Grasp directly took out ten hundred yuan bills, handed them to Charlie’s hand and said: “One thousand yuan, what do you think?”

Charlie pretended to see eyes open, and he waved happily and said: “Come on, get in the car!”

Old Grasp opened the car door and sat in.

Charlie started quickly, and the vehicle headed towards Phoenix Mountain. On the way, Old Grasp asked nervously: “Young Master Wade, did you say that Reggie followed us?”

Charlie said indifferently: “Regardless of whether he is following or not, we have to do a full set of the show, otherwise, if there is a disclosure, the other party will disappear without a trace for the first time.”

Old Grasp nodded and then asked: “After I got to the place for a while, did I go in by myself or did you make other arrangements?”

Charlie said: “Just get in when you get off the car and wait for Reggie to contact you.”

Old Grasp asked nervously: “Then what do you do after I get off the car? Do you follow in secret, or just wait outside?”

Charlie said calmly: “Don’t worry, I will follow you in openly when the time comes.”

Old Grasp couldn’t help asking: “Will that make Reggie suspicious?”

Charlie said confidently: “No, Reggie will definitely find a way to let me in when Reggie's year comes.”

Old Grasp was surprised: “Why are you so sure?”

Charlie sneered: “Because Reggie attached great importance to that natal Gu worm, he wanted to feed his natal Gu worm, so he would definitely not let go of a potential food, and once let me go, treat him there is also a bit more risk of exposure, why not just kill me and you, with two birds with one stone?”

Old Grasp couldn’t help asking: “What if he doesn’t want to have extra troubles and just wants to solve the problem with me? That way if you don’t drive the taxi away, Reggie will definitely have doubts in his heart.”


Charlie waved his hand and said confidently: “Don’t worry, Reggie will definitely reluctant to let me go!”


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