We have another "Present Like a Pro" graduate! Dana reviews highlights with Michael

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We have another "Present Like a Pro" graduate! Dana Vogelmeier reviews highlights with speaking coach, Michael Angelo Caruso. Dana's number ...

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We have another "Present Like a Pro" graduate! Dana Vogelmeier reviews highlights with speaking coach, Michael Angelo Caruso.

Dana's number one goal was to get more speaking gigs in Ohio. She's an expert in workplace culture and runs the Making Great Work Places Facebook group.

Dana learned a lot about how to:

- Load up her prospect pipeline
- Identify prospects online
- Delegate to a virtual assistant
- Host effective Zoom calls for clients
- Start a Facebook group
- Use hashtags to attract attention
- Host a podcast (and guest on them, too!)
- Charge money for online services

Mark Hegstrom, a financial planner in Minnesota, was also a PLAP student at that time.

All PLAP enrollees have access to the membership content in perpetuity.

Mastering the art of presentation is the single most important goal for any leader or salesperson.

Your comments are always welcome.

Listen to the audio version and other great interviews on the "Talk to Me" podcast.

Being able to motivate others is very important. There’s a direct relationship between your success and your ability to make effective presentations.

Veteran keynote speaker, Michael Angelo Caruso, has been helping business people be more successful for over three decades, primarily through presentation training and communication consulting.

“I help speakers and presenters stop working against themselves,” says Caruso. “It’s a careful balancing act to know what to include in a presentation and what to leave out.”

Improve your presentation nearly overnight with Michael. Catch him at an association or industry conference or have him speak to your leadership or sales team online.

Improving speaking and presentation skills is an iterative process because you are changing longtime habits.

Michael is a trusted consultant to hundreds of companies and organizations who want to leverage the psychology of communication and improve relationships.

His clients include large organizations such as Verizon Wireless, Rayovac, The National Institutes of Health, Nissan and the State of Alaska and lots of small companies all over the world. High-profile clients request and receive confidentiality.

Choose from a selection of Michael’s popular information products, including books, e-books, audio programs, and his best-selling “Present Like a Pro” DVD, a master class in speaking.

Check out “Work Hacks: 300+ Cool Ideas to Speed Career Success,” which is available in print and as an e-book and the booklet titled, “Hmmm…Little Ideas With BIG Results.” All products are available on Amazon.

We create websites and brochures to inform, but we deliver presentations to change behavior. That’s why you should learn to present like a pro.

All good presentations have a call to action (CTA). Even if the CTA isn’t delivered as part of a sales presentation, the presenter should be exercising some form of influence or persuasion. ---

Improve Your Presentation With Michael’s Training

Michael’s online “Present Like a Pro” class is the best speaker training of its kind. Become a better speaker for the rest of your life in only 6 weeks!

Set up a free consult with Michael so you can crush your presentations, command the room and make things happen. More on Michael at MichaelAngeloCaruso dot com. - - -

Get speaking advice on Michael’s popular “Talk To Me” podcast on Podbean, iTunes and other platforms. - - -

Subscribe to the Michael Angelo Caruso YouTube channel (ring that silver bell!) at https://www.youtube.com/user/michaelangelocaruso to be notified of new videos on how to improve presentations.

Michael makes public speaking fun! You’ll learn how to

/Tweak your presentation with PowerPoint and Prezi
/Avoid nervousness and be more believable
/Sharpen your call to action
/Win over almost any audience within seconds
/Become more persuasive using “power” phrases

/Get audiences to do 3 important things
/Present with confidence
/Read the audience faster and more accurately
/Differentiate your brand, yourself from the competition
/Make money speaking

/Use body language that matches what you say
/Avoid the #1 mistake regarding your audio-visuals
/Craft signature stories that sell
/Issue a crystal clear value proposition
/Get more speaking opportunities and keynotes

/Not be nervous
/Create content fast and easy
/Open your presentation with a bang
/Build a brand by speaking and presenting
/Turn your presentation into a book or online course

/Use signature stories that appeal to emotion
/Incorporate high-end presentation tips
/Become known as an industry expert
/Think on your feet when answering questions (qna)
/Raise your speaking fee
/Motivate every audience
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